Steven Chambers: Running the 2024 London Marathon in Memory of his Son, Jordan

Steven Chambers, a dedicated Pyramid colleague and a devoted father, is gearing up for an extraordinary feature in the upcoming 2024 London Marathon . Beyond the challenge of covering this huge expedition, Steven's profound motivation stems from a deeply personal and touching cause—to honour the memory of his beloved son, Jordan, and to raise funds for Asthma + Lung UK.

Next year will mark the 10-year anniversary of the tragic loss of his son, Jordan, who sadly passed away to a severe asthma attack. Jordan encountered a sudden and devastating asthma episode during a doctor's visit. Rushed to the hospital and placed on life support, the young lad battled for a few days before the sad reality of the situation set in—Jordan was declared brain dead.

In those agonizing moments, the doctors made the heart breaking decision to turn off life support, and Jordan peacefully passed away, leaving an indelible void in Steven's life.

Overlooking the pain in his heart, Steven found strength in honouring Jordan's memory by channelling his energy into a cause close to his families hearts—raising awareness and funds for Asthma + Lung UK. With a target of £2000, Steven's efforts have already gathered an inspiring £1738 (86%) for the charity, highlighting the tremendous support and generosity of friends, colleagues, and well-wishers.

Steven's journey towards the 2024 London Marathon  has been nothing short of inspirational. His commitment to training has been unwavering, reflecting not only his determination but also the depth of his love for his son. Recently participating in The Coast Buster 10-mile event, Steven demonstrated his dedication and readiness for the challenge ahead.

As Steven laces up his running shoes and prepares to embark on the London Marathon, it's more than a physical journey—it's a tribute to Jordan's memory and a testament to the resilience of a father's love. His strides echo a powerful message, urging awareness and support for asthma research and treatment, ensuring that other families might be spared the pain his has endured.

In the face of personal tragedy, Steven Chambers stands tall, an epitome of strength and perseverance. His steps in the marathon aren't just strides towards the finish line; they're strides towards a world where asthma takes fewer loved ones too soon.

Let us join hands in supporting Steven on this incredible journey. Whether through donations, spreading awareness, or cheering him on from the side lines, together, we can make a meaningful difference in Steven's mission.

To contribute to Steven's cause and Asthma + Lung UK, visit  Steven's page and be a part of this heartfelt endeavour. As the 2024 London Marathon  approaches, let's rally behind Steven Chambers, a father, a colleague, and an inspiration to us all.

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