Layer Pads - Corrugated Board

Pyramid Display Materials SKU: CORRWRAP2

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Layer pads are designed for use as dividing layers between stacked sheets, offering additional product protection by stabilising and dispersing weight evenly to ensure your goods remain free from damage during transit. 

Our layer pads are made up of B Flute Corrugated Board, a renewable, fibrous paper-based resource and 100% recyclable. This is the most widely used flute profile due to its robust nature (difficult to crush), good compression strength and compactness.

*Please note - our larger sheet size (CORRWRAP2) has a kraft paper outer liner made of virgin fibres, making it both a stronger board and more easily printable.

CORRWRAP1 is made up of purely test or 'duplex' paper liners that are not a virgin stock, and therefore is not as strong as Kraft.