XL DisplayBoard Series

XL DisplayBoard Series

Introducing Pyramid's XL Display Board series- the ultimate solution for your promotional demands. Our XL Display Board is a reliable and sustainable FSC certified board that has a range of purposes to suit your designing needs whilst remaining cost efficient. With our water-resistant XL Elements, customization and durability make a lasting impact with trade shows, exhibitions, and general external advertisements. Upgrade to XL Impact for a premium and robust finish, ensuring a powerful long-lasting impression is made with your audience.  Elevate your marketing game with our game changing XL Display Board series today!

- A multipurpose display board for diverse promotional needs.

- Durable and reliable, designed for long-term use.

- Attracts audiences and maximizes brand visibility.

- Customizable: Tailor the board to suit your unique brand message.

- Microns range from 700mic - 2500mic

- Ideal for large format flatbed digital printing as well as traditional   screen and litho.

- XL Display Board is a FSC® Certified product.

- Sold by the sheet.

SKU: XLD07022


- Customizable  display boards to match your brands identity.

- Suitable for outdoor usage for up to 12 weeks.

- Sturdy construction for a dependable showcasing solution.

 - Versatile Applications: Ideal for trade shows, exhibitions, and       various marketing events both internal and external.

- Grab your audience's attention with impactful displays.

- 2000 microns thick and water resistant.

- Contains zero plastic and is an eco-friendly alternative.

- Sold by the sheet.

SKU: XLCEL101015


- Premium Finish: High-quality, professional look.

- Enhanced Durability: Long-lasting and reliable.

- Powerful Visual Impact: Memorable and engaging.

- Versatile Applications: Ideal for various marketing needs.

- Strong and robust density from 3000 - 4500 microns thick.

- An ideal replacement for Foam Boards, Foam PVC and other       plastic composites.

- Sold by the sheet.

SKU: XLD301015


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