New Web Feature - "My Favourites"

New Web Feature - "My Favourites"

Pyramid Display Materials is dedicated to providing a seamless and personalised experience for our customers. We are delighted to introduce our latest webstore feature, "My Favourites," which enables you to create a personalised list of your preferred products. This addition aims to enhance your shopping journey, making it more convenient, efficient, and tailored to your unique preferences. In this article, we will delve into the remarkable benefits and functionalities that Pyramid Display Materials' "My Favourites" feature brings to your online shopping experience.

Before we explore the functionality and advantages of the new "My Favourites" feature, it is important to note the significance of logging into your account. By logging in, you can ensure a seamless and personalised shopping experience tailored to your preferences. So, before you embark on building your ultimate favourites list, remember to log in to your Pyramid Display Materials account.

Location of My Favourites


Adding and Removing Products to and from Your Favourites


Adding Products to Your Cart within Your Favourites List


Unparalleled Convenience and Personalisation

At Pyramid Display Materials, we recognise the value of your time. With "My Favourites," we empower you to take control of your shopping experience. Create a curated list of your most-loved products, eliminating the need to browse through numerous categories repeatedly. This level of personalisation allows you to access your preferred items effortlessly, saving you time and providing a sense of ownership throughout the shopping process.

Streamlined Ordering Made Simple

Gone are the days of searching for products all over again! With our "My Favourites" feature, ordering has never been easier. We have allocated a dedicated section within our webstore for your favourite products, enabling you to seamlessly review and select items for purchase. This streamlined approach reduces checkout time, ensuring a smooth and efficient ordering process that fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle.

Rediscover Hidden Gems

In the vast array of options available on our webstore, it's easy to forget about that one astounding product you stumbled upon earlier. With "My Favourites," you'll never miss out again! Our feature acts as your digital shopping assistant, saving and categorising the items you found intriguing or plan to purchase in the future. This ensures that no gem goes unnoticed, enhancing discoverability and encouraging repeat purchases that truly resonate with your tastes and preferences.

Pyramid Display Materials proudly presents the "My Favourites" feature, designed to elevate your online shopping experience to new heights. With unparalleled convenience and streamlined ordering, we aim to delight and surpass your expectations. Join us on this exciting journey of tailored shopping experiences, where your preferences take centre stage. Embrace the future of online shopping with Pyramid Display Materials and discover a world of convenience, personalisation, and satisfaction.

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