Foamalite® X-press - White - Filmed - 1 Side Clear PE (Formerly FLXPE Code)

3A Composites SKU: FLXP22412PE

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VAT Not Included

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  • Excellent whiteness & finish
  • "Ready to use"
  • Optimal ink adhesion and colour fastness
  • Good dimensional accuracy of the sheets
  • Clear PE film on one side
  • Suitable for flat applications


Foamalite® x-press is a lightweight and easy to use expanded rigid PVC sheet. Its white, smooth, and uniform surfaces make it the material of choice for outstanding printing results. Thanks to its degree of whiteness, Foamalite® x-press ensures a very high fidelity of colours. Foamalite® x-press sheets feature blemish-free surfaces with a consistently regular roughness that have been specifically designed for impeccable adhesion of UV curing inks. Foamalite® x-press has a good dimensional stability and is suited for flat applications. Foamalite® x-press can be printed on directly without any pre-treatment required. It is supplied as standard with PE-protective film on one side. The protective film can be removed cleanly.

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