Avery Dennison V-6700 Series Conspicuity Tape for Rigid Surfaces

Avery Dennison SKU: ADRFV6700/5

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  • 8 years durability
  • Increases visibility and safety of vehicles
  • Fast and easy application
  • Omnidirectional - apply in any direction for consistent performance
  • Solid metallic layer: resists water, dirt and reflectivity loss from dents


Enhance night-time safety with the superior reflectivity performance of V-6700 Conspicuity Tapes. This product increases the visibility of trucks and trailers during night-time driving. It can help to reduce accidents, prevent injuries and decrease related costs such as repairs and insurance expenses. V-6700 Conspicuity Tapes are durable, easy to apply, provide superior night-time reflectivity and are available in 3 colours - white, yellow and red.


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Sell Sheet

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Data Sheet

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