Tick All The Boxes For Sustainable Practices With Alupanel

Tick All The Boxes For Sustainable Practices With Alupanel

Tick All The Boxes For Sustainable Practices With Alupanel

100% Laboratory Tested

Made with at least 80% recycled content

Natural Ingredients

Made with 100% Recycled LDPE Core

100% Paraben Free

Recycling Scheme for Our Volume Users

100% Paraben Free

Full Technical Back Up For UK Customers

Going That Greener Mile

Pyramid Display Materials' Recycling Initiatives

At Pyramid Display Materials, our dedication to environmental stewardship is integral to our business ethos. Recognizing the significant environmental impact of aluminium composite material, we are proud to introduce innovative an recycling scheme specifically designed for large volume users of these materials. Our initiatives are aimed at not only reducing waste but also promoting sustainable practices within the industry.

We offer tailored recycling programs that allow our clients to return used or excess aluminium composite materials to the manufacturer. By doing so, we ensure these materials are properly processed and recycled, diverting substantial waste from landfills. This not only supports our clients in achieving their sustainability goals but also reinforces our commitment to environmental responsibility.

By going the extra green mile, Pyramid Display Materials underscores its commitment to sustainable business practices, proving that environmental responsibility can go hand in hand with economic viability and industry leadership.

So What Is Alupanel?

Manufactured in the UK, Alupanel is a versatile composite panel used in a variety of applications. It consists of two thin layers of aluminium enclosing a polyethylene core, combining light weight with high durability. Alupanel is known for its excellent flatness and rigidity, making it ideal for signage, displays, and cladding. Its weather-resistant properties and ease of fabrication, such as cutting, bending, and shaping, make it a popular choice in the construction and advertising industries. Additionally, Alupanel comes in a wide range of colours and finishes, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional performance.

Alupanel specializes in offering top-quality aluminium composite panels that are both durable and versatile. These lightweight yet sturdy panels are perfect for creating captivating displays for a variety of applications, from eye-catching signage and promotional boards for retail environments to sleek and professional-looking presentation boards for corporate events.


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